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Ring in the New Year with a party that everyone is invited to! And I mean everyone -- including stuffed animals! For this special occasion, Crazy Hats and Fancy Clothes are in order for all attendees.



  • Pointy paper party hats
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Glue
  • Glitter


1. Select a hat and add a little razzle dazzle to it by threading pipe cleaners through the top and twisting, looping, and zig-zagging them over the hat.

2. Draw stars, swirls, and firecracker bursts with a thin line of glue. Sprinkle glitter to cover the glue. Let it dry.

3. And Voilá! Or ... take it a step further and add more decorations like feathers, pompons, and pictures cut out from magazines. What else?



  • A piece of printed or solid fabric (For average-sized teddy bears you'll need a 16" x 8" strip of fabric. For smaller "beanie" bears, measure 12" x 6".)
  • Ribbon or strip of leather or the like to use as a belt
  • Velcro dots to use as closures (optional)


1. Fold your rectangular strip of cloth in half to make a square. On the fold cut a 1 1/2" inch slit perpendicular to the fold and on the fold so that when you open the fabric strip you'll have a 3" x 3" lowercase "t" shape right in the middle.

2. Slide the stuffed animal's head through the hole. Secure the shirt/dress/tunic/robe in place with a belt using the ribbon or leather strip.

To accessorize your animal, you may wish to add a vest or skirt.


For an average-sized teddy bear, cut a 10" x 5" rectangular strip. Round the edges. Cut two arm holes on either end placing them 1" from the top edge and 2 1/2" from edges. Secure closed with velcro dots.


Cut a circle with a 9" diameter. Cut a lowercase "t" in the middle by folding it in half and following the fold as above. Secure with a belt. Pair with a fancy top by simply making another tunic/dress and trimming it shorter.

... 3, 2, 1 ... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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