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Monsters-Be-Gone Kit

Keep the monsters under your bed (or in the closet, or the basement) at bay with a Monsters-Be-Gone Kit!


  • A spray bottle of any size (Personally, I like a large household size and a 3 oz. travel size)
  • A sweet smelling liquid (I recommend a baking extract in orange or vanilla or essential oil in lavender or geranium)
  • Water
  • Office label
  • Permanent marker

Additionally, to really "sell" the idea:

  • Mailing label
  • Faux stamps
  • Shipping box
  • Instruction sheet
  • Card stock
  • Markers or crayons


For Monsters-Be-Gone Spray Bottle

Pour water into spray bottle(s) and add a few drops of the sweet-smelling liquid. Make a label. Feel free to come up with your own name for the monster spray.

For Monsters-Be-Gone Shipping Box, Instructions and Rabbit Sign

If you want to sell the idea, make a shipping box decorated with faux stamps, a mailing label with your child's name and address and a"Monsters-Be-Gone Company" return label. Along with the bottles, include an "Instruction Sheet" citing where and when to spray. Also, be sure to design and include a "Rabbit Sign" to hang up somewhere in your child's room. (Monsters are afraid of bunnies since they're "Frighteningly Cute!")

Leave the box on the front stoop near the rest of the mail or somewhere else your child will come upon it. Then, atomize your kid's way to SWEET DREAMS!

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