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It's a summer gear must have! An Adventure in a Snap Sack -- for those kids that are on the go whether in the backseat, on a plane, at a restaurant table or in the grocery store. This idea is a clever catch-all unleashing fun in a snap. And it's a real life saver for parents who want to keep their kids entertained no matter what the outing.

Here's the how-to:

Select a bag or backpack for the Adventurer (aka your child) to decorate.

Decorate it using fabric or permanent markers; felt; fabric; pompons; buttons; ribbons and treasures from the bottom of the toy box or kitchen junk drawer. You'll also need some fabric glue.

Your child may wish to include an official License to Explore featuring their photo or a drawing of themselves along with their name, age, favorite colors and special skills. Slip this into a pocket or your child can make a pocket by cutting a rectangle out of felt and gluing the two sides and bottom edge in place.

Now to fill the bag with the necessities ... sketch pad or pad of paper; markers; a pen and snack. How about binoculars; camera; whistle; action figures. What else? This is a terrific question to ask the Adventurer.

Here are two of a zillion ideas that can spring from the Snap Sack:

Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt

In the sketch book write a "grocery list" of things to look for a check off. For example:

Find something ...
__ Leafy & Green __ Cold & Square __ Hard to Pronounce __ In an Orange Box

Memory Game

Using the items in the bag, spread them out in front of another player to study for a moment. Then ask that player to close their eyes and take one away. What's missing? To make this game trickier, you can mix up the position of the items while the player's eyes are closed. Or try adding even more items to study. What happens if you take two away at once?

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