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Countdown to Christmas:
25 Kid-Friendly Crafts for the Holiday Season

The joy of Christmas is just around the corner -- which means kids are getting more anxious and excited. To help them focus their energies and preserve the real spirit of the holiday (it's not just about gifts, after all), here are 25 kid-friendly crafts to keep those little hands busy.

  1. Advent Calendar -- Help kids count down the days 'til Christmas with this fun advent calendar you can make out of felt.
  2. Hand-painted Mugs -- Turn a plain mug into a masterpiece with just glaze and a watercolor brush.
  3. Merry Mice -- Crafted simply out of candy, you won't know whether to keep it or eat it once you're done!
  4. House Holiday Card -- Use a family photo and some artistic inspiration to make this clever holiday greeting.
  5. Christmas Crew -- These jolly, festive friends are easy to make out of cardboard tissue tubes.
  6. Snowman Garland -- Kids will have fun making these cute little snowmen! String them together and hang them over a banister, or on your tree.
  7. Stamped Dough Ornaments -- Just stamp, bake, and decorate for hours of crafty fun.
  8. Window Dressing -- Fluffy paints made from soap are the secret to this amazing window décor.
  9. Homemade Gift Wrap -- Kids who love making collages will enjoy making this one-of-a-kind wrapping paper.
  10. Beautiful Beaded Rings -- These homemade rings make great holiday gifts and are easy to put together.
  11. Mr. Sandman -- Create a "gingerbread man" holiday card for a loved one out of sandpaper and aromatic spices.
  12. Christmas Tree Gift Bag -- Knock someone's socks off with this fantastic homemade bag to hold a treasured gift.
  13. Sock Snowfolk -- Make miniature snowmen with little more than your old socks, pipe cleaners, and some pom-poms.
  14. Christmas Dinner Place Markers -- No need to guess who's coming to dinner! Kids will love personalizing these mini-trees for friends and family.
  15. Snowflake Table Runner -- White felt cut-outs on bright fabric will make a cheery addition to your holiday dinner table.
  16. Reindeer Hat -- Turn old knit gloves into an ode to Rudolph.
  17. Jingle Bell Bracelets -- Beads, jingle bells, and pipe cleaners can be easily fashioned into great-looking holiday accessories.
  18. Mini-Wreaths -- Got soda bottle rings lying around? See how you can use them to make spirited mini-wreaths!
  19. Dangling Snowman -- It doesn't take a single flake to build this frosty character -- you can round him up with white foam, buttons, and ribbon.
  20. Sizzling Snowboard -- Celebrate the holidays with this fun decorative craft that's simple to make.
  21. Cool Cube Card -- At first it looks like a holiday card – but open it up, and it's a 3-D ornament showing off your family pictures!
  22. Wishing Spool -- Have kids roll their holiday wish lists onto these clever holders.
  23. Gift Bookmarks -- Bookmarks make a personal but inexpensive gift for anyone on your list. And the kids will jump at the chance to decorate them.
  24. Holly Print Apron -- Kids can use carrots and paint to help make a stamp pattern on a plain apron – and your festive kitchen get-up will be the envy of all!
  25. Classic Sled -- Create the perfect little ornament that your kids can make in a jiffy.
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