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In the annals of TV history, several small screen families can be called classics: the Cleavers from "Leave It to Beaver;" "The Brady Bunch;" the Huxtables of "The Cosby Show;" and that enduring animated clan, "The Simpsons." Your family is probably a lot like one of them. Answer the next eight questions, and pick the response that sounds closest to your nearest and dearest. Then, see which tribe you and yours most resemble with this Answer Key.

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1. What's the size of your brood?
A. What's the perfect, nuclear size?
B. Depends: Do we count the friends, neighbors and special guest stars?
C. Hold on, I need both hands. Or maybe a pen and paper so I can sketch out a chart.
D. Big enough that we occasionally battle over the best seat on the couch.

2. Describe a typical family dinner:
A. We eat at the same time every night, in the same seats. It's nice to count on tradition, you know.
B. Typical? Nothing's typical around here.
C. Every night is like a feast with a lot of plates to pass around. Fortunately, we have help with the dishes afterward.
D. We don't eat together every night but we usually all wind up in the kitchen chatting for some reason or another.

3. Your families been chosen to appear in the All-Time Family Yearbook. What caption would appear under you?
A. Most All-American
B. Class Clowns
C. Best Team Players
D. Most Likely To Succeed

4. How are chores divided up in your house?
A. Mom makes dinner, does the dusting, cleans up, all with a hairstyle that's the envy of the neighborhood. Dad gets to put his feet up after a long day at work.
B. Mom does way more than her share but only because it seems like every time dad does try to chip in, something goes terribly wrong.
C. Everybody pitches in now and then, but it's a good thing we signed up for maid service.
D. Let's put it this way: We all know better than to leave all the work to Mom. We divvy up dirty work pretty evenly.

5. When you take a family vacation:
A. Golly, every slice of mom's apple pie is like a little vacation. But if we do take a break, Dad always drives.
B. Anything can happen — we just cross our fingers that we'll be allowed back home at the end of our trip.
C. Everyone finds something that suits their interests during the day and then we meet up for a big family dinner later on.
D. Vacation? We barely have time for weekends.

6. How are arguments settled in your house?
A. We don't argue much. But Dad has mastered the firm, but loving, talk.
B. Sometimes we say we want to strangle each other but we'd never do it.
C. Usually, it's a battle of the sexes: There's nothing like a boys-versus-girls House of Cards build-off to put a disagreement behind you.
D. A mock trial, with a debate beforehand over which kid gets to play judge.

7. If you started a family band, how would a music reviewer describe it?
A. "Always in perfect harmony as they play their repertoire of classics."
B. "Their tunes seem like an absolute cacophony to the untrained ear but after a listen you realize how wonderfully they play together."
C. "Even though they blend many voices and styles, the effect is totally groovy."
D. "Such talent! This group challenges each other to reach new heights of sonic excellence."

8. You're flipping through an album of the family's holiday portraits. How are you dressed?
A. You know how perfect people look in those Norman Rockwell paintings? Well, we look even better.
B. Well, what we always wear, of course. Our photos are really more about the way we pose. It keeps people guessing.
C. We're always wearing whatever's in style at the time, which — to be honest — makes us look a little dated in some of them. Polyester seemed like a good idea...
D. Eclectic. Each one of us has a unique style — we can't be expected to wear matching sweaters, you know?

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