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The Great Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt

Celebrate the season with an eggs-cellent hunt and brunch the whole neighborhood will love.

First, there's a splash of bright pink in the grass at the base of a tree -- then a hint of turquoise inside a mailbox. Suddenly, you're seeing colored eggs everywhere -- tucked beneath a garden hose, inside a flowerpot, or behind a half-open door. The hunt is on!

Coming at the end of winter, when nature is busy unveiling colors of her own, the Easter egg hunt is a totally enchanting ritual that sparks kids' imaginations. We've seen that the local egg hunt is often one of the year's biggest events. Here, we present some of the best ideas from across the nation, plus a few of our own, so you and your friends, family, or even the whole neighborhood can gather for a truly memorable Easter brunch egg-stravaganza.

Flowery Fruit Basket
For an eye-catching edible centerpiece for your brunch table -- and a healthy counterpoint to Easter's sweet treats -- make a flower basket out of fresh fruit.

Use a cookie cutter and a melon baller to sculpt cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon into fun shapes, then thread the melon pieces onto wooden skewers along with berries and grapes.

Stick the skewers into a base made from the rind of an overturned melon. Hide the melon base inside a pretty Easter basket. For a final touch, add stems of mint speared on skewers to provide the perfect hint of spring green.

Yarn Eggs
These bright and funky eggs are a blast for kids to make -- and they're a great party decoration too. If packed away carefully, they should last for years.

Craft Materials:
  • Thin cotton yarn

  • Balloons

  • Craft glue

  • Newspaper

  • Waxed paper

  • Clothespin

  • Clothes hanger

Time needed: Weekend Project

  1. For each egg, cut twenty 3-foot-long strands of cotton yarn and blow up a balloon to a 6- to 8-inch diameter. Mix equal parts of glue and water in a shallow disposable container.

  2. Cover your work area with newspaper and a sheet of waxed paper. Hold a strand of yarn by one end, dip it into the glue mixture, then wrap it around the balloon. Repeat with the other strands, randomly overlapping them and tucking in loose ends, until the balloon is evenly covered.

  3. Using the clothespin, suspend the balloon from the clothes hanger and let it dry overnight. (Cover the area below it with newspaper to catch drips.) Once the egg is completely dry, carefully poke a hole in the balloon, then pull it away from the string as it deflates. Hang your finished egg with ribbon or yarn.

Party Carrots
Make one of these carrots for each party guest, then display them in a big bunny-tempting pile on the brunch table.

Craft Materials:

  • Orange paper napkins, dinner size

  • Green plastic utensils

  • Green pipe cleaners

Time needed: Under 1 Hour

  1. For each carrot, fold one of the paper napkins into a rectangle. Place a set of utensils across the lower left corner of the rectangle, fold in the lower right corner as shown, then roll it up loosely.

  2. Wrap one or two green pipe cleaners around the napkin and necks of the utensils, then twist them to secure, as shown.

  3. Trim the pipe cleaners a bit, if desired, so they look like leafy carrot tops.

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