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The Little Mermaid

Contest Photo by: jacksparrow112800
Statesboro, GA
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Recipe Ingredients

Wonder Mold cake pan
Royal Icing
Blue Buttercream Icing
Candy Melts and Molds
Cake mix
Rice krispy treats (prepared myself using recipe on the cereal box)
Little Mermaid doll (came with Sebastian and Flounder, which I also used for the cake).
Brown sugar (for the sand)
Cookie stick


  • I made all of the cake accessories several days in advance and stored them in airtight containers.
    All seashells, star fish, sea horses and crabs are made with candy melts/molds.
    The sea shell bra for the mermaid doll were made with royal icing using the sea shell molds and secured with royal icing.
    For the rocks and platform, I used warm rice krispy treats that I molded/shaped into the desired look I wanted. I then covered them with dark chocolate candy melts that I tinted with black coloring.
    I purchased the green plant from the fish section at Walmart; it's a green plant that is used in fish tanks.

  • The mermaid doll was a little more complicated. I removed the legs from the doll and drilled a hole in the bottom of the torso. I then placed a cookie stick in the hole. I made the tail out of warm rice krispy treats. I then placed the doll through the tail at an angle so that the remaining piece of stick could be used later to secure the doll to the cake. I placed a thin layer of royal icing on the tail and covered it with aqua green tinted fondant. I used the bottom of a tip to make the scales on the tail, then painted it with green lust

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