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Castles and Crown Cake Recipes for your Princess

If you've been baking cakes and cupcakes decorated as castles, crowns, and magic wands — share them here.

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Cinderella cake
Photo by: BethelBunch
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Princess Birthday cake!
Photo by: nyzmommy224
marydel, MD
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The Little Mermaid
Photo by: jacksparrow112800
Statesboro, GA
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Princess castle birthday cake
Photo by: Kmp6180
Philadelphia, PA
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Disney Villians & Princess' Castle Cake
Photo by: BigMamaFolk
Houston, TX
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enchanted forest
Photo by: samanthabeller
phoenix, AZ
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Colleen's Cake for Gracie 2008
Photo by: colleenlockwood
Fort Worth, TX,
*s *s *s *s *s

Princess Deslyn's Castle Cake
Photo by: DesireeSlater
Wapp. Falls, NY
*s *s *s *s *s

Cupcake Tiara Tower
Photo by: krauses93
Bloomfield, MI
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