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For the gal who likes to play dress up (like Angelica, 9), this is the outfit. Inspired by Sharpay from High School Musical, this stylin' fashion queen costume has as many looks as you can find in thrift stores, costume shops and your own closet. Even your keychain can be accessorized with these mini pep rally pom poms. If you're throwing a Halloween party, serve up these bake sale cupcakes and decorate with Sharpay's locker door décor.

Step One

Apply foundation to the entire face. Apply loose shimmer eye shadow to the eyelid and all the way up to the brow. A bright color, such as pink or green works well with this over-the-top costume. Angelica is wearing silver from lid to brow with pink applied only to the lid. Apply eyeliner with a dry shadow or cream-based eyeliner following the lash line.

Step Two

False eyelashes give that extra glam touch. They come in peel and stick, or glue on. Our makeup artist says to lay the lash along your child's own lashes to measure how long a strip you need, then cut the last to fit. If using glue, put a small dab on the back of your hand and dip the back of the lashes into it. Then apply on the eyelid as directed by the manufacturer.

Trick: Add a touch of water to the loose shimmer eye shadow before applying to give it an opaque look. Find more tips here.

Step Three

Give your drama queen a star on the cheek for extra pizzazz. No need to be a great artist to make this look good. Our makeup artist used silver makeup paint to draw four teardrop shapes all pointing toward a silver circle in the middle. She then made a black line in between each teardrop shape. Lastly, she outlined the right side of each shape in black (to give a shadowed effect). Finish off the face with shiny, shimmering lip gloss.
Face Painting Drama Queen Outfit

The Outfit

You can find lots of fun jewelry and hair accessories for your Drama Queen at Claire's accessory stores. Hot pink socks and a fluffy pink boa rounded out the whole pink outfit theme. Check out prop stores for other accessories, such as fake cell phones and microphones or a dance supply store for the literal "kicker" — a pair of silver tap shoes.

To bring you these face-painting tips, professional make-up artist Elizabeth Villamarin shared her bag of tricks with writer Grace Ganssle.

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