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Minnie's Statue of Liberty Papercraft

Disney 4th of July Fun

Get in the independent spirit this July 4th, and share the festivities with family, friends, and your favorite Disney characters!

Ariel's Patriotic Starfish Cookies

Ariel's Red-White-and-Blue Starfish Cookies

Ariel's undersea world is star-spangled with colorful starfish cookies!
Mad Hatter's Holiday Cupcake

Mad Hatter's 7/4 Teacakes

Designing a patriotic top hat that outdoes Uncle Sam's is one tall order, but the Mad Hatter does just that with this 7/4 topper treat!
Mickey's 4th of July Candy Box

Mickey's 4th of July Candy Box

Fill this box with tasty treats, and display Mickey proudly at your backyard barbecue!
Mickey & Minnie 4th of July Memory Frame

July 4th Memory Frame

Celebrate our independence, then let Mickey and Minnie help you remember the occasion with this fun frame!
Mickey's 4th of July Hat

Mickey's 4th of July Hat

Few are as patriotic as Uncle Sam, but you can get close with Mickey's 4th of July hat.
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