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Clu's Light Cycle

Tron Mainframe

Step into the mainframe and prepare to be digitized. From Clu's Light Cycle to a game of Light Disc Toss, there's something for every program on the grid.

Tron Light Disk Ring Toss

Light Disc Toss

Create your own Light Discs and test your tossing skills in a spin on the classic ring toss party game.
Tron Party Invitations

Tron Party Invitations

Your soiree will be the hippest spot on the grid if you initiate your party sequence with these Tron invitations.

Coloring Page

Sam and his Light Cycle can be any color you want them to be - let your imagination run wild!

3D Recognizer

Build this 3D Recognizer and become the master control program of your own digital universe.

Door Hanger

Let your programs know when it's safe to enter the grid with this Tron door hanger!
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