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Ratatouille Playset

Ratatouille Crafts & Recipes

Get cookin' on these fun Ratatouille crafts and recipes with Remy and the rest of your favorite characters!

Ratatouille Chef Hat

Ratatouille Chef Hat

Wear this chef hat, and let Remy's culinary instincts guide you to greatness!
Remy's Apron

Remy's Kitchen Towel Apron

Stencil the Ratatouille logo on your apron and you're sure to get five stars from even the toughest critics.
Ratatouille Recipe Cards

Ratatouille Recipe Cards

Keep track of your favorite recipes with these fun Ratatouille recipe cards!
Remy Cake

Remy's Cheese Cake

Remy is a rat with a nose for sniffing out delicious treats, and this cheese-shaped cake is no exception.
Ratatouille Playset

Ratatouille Playset

Learn your way around the kitchen with this fun Ratatouille playset!
Woody Marionette

More Pixar Fun

There's even more Pixar fun for you to enjoy!
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