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Set your spirit free with these crafts and recipes inspired by Pocahontas. From her Indian Corn Necklace to her Fringed Felt Bag, these fun activities will have you painting with all the colors of the wind before you know it!

Paper Feather Dreamcatcher

Paper Feather Dreamcatcher

This colorful beaded catcher is a cinch to weave and features hanging feathers cut from pretty papers.
Indian Corn Necklace

Indian Corn Necklace

This colorful necklace is strung with clay kernels and serves as a reminder of how very versatile this treasured Native American crop turned out to be.
Fringed Felt Bag

Fringed Felt Bag

This no-sew, fringed drawstring pouch is just the right size for toting small toys, trinkets or snacks.
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