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"Dude!" Welcome to all Finding Nemo fun, where you don't need to ride the EAC to find the best crafts and recipes. They're only a click away -- and we're not clownfishing around!

Finding Nemo

Festive Clownfish Invite

If you follow Nemo, you're in for an adventure. So call on this charming little clownfish to lead guests to your party with this festive invitation!
Finding Nemo

Jazzy Jellyfish Decorations

While the colorful trailing ribbons on these paper jellyfish won't sting you, they certainly will add a jazzy touch to your celebration.
Spinach Squirt-tata

Spinach Squirt-tata

Inspired by Finding Nemo's surfer sea turtle, this egg dish is nutritious, delicious and perfectly sized for squirt-sized appetites.
<i>Finding Nemo</i> Activity Page

Activity Page

Little fish will be swimming with excitement over this Finding Nemo activity page.
Marlin and Dory's Jellyfish Cake

Marlin and Dory's Jellyfish Cake

During their search for Nemo, Marlin and Dory bounced through a sea of puffy, pink jellyfish. This cake helps to tell the story of their high seas adventure.
Party Hat

Party Hat

These Finding Nemo party hats are the perfect fashion for a birthday cake feeding frenzy!
Bobbing for Nemo

Bobbing for Nemo

Use colorful kitchen sponges to create this school of Finding Nemo-inspired fish.
Finding Nemo

Squirt Happy Turtlecakes

Serve up these totally rad turtle cupcakes at your next party, and let your kid know how cool you really are.
Woody Marionette

More Pixar Fun

There's even more Pixar fun for you to enjoy!
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