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Pixie Hollow Games Playbook

Pixie Hollow Games Crafts & Recipes

Get into the spirit of the Pixie Hollow Games and support your favorite Fairy team with flitterific crafts and recipes!

Fairy Butterfly Barrettes and Pins

Fairy Butterfly Barrettes and Pins

Your child will love to create these custom decorated butterfly barrettes and pins.
Pixie Hollow Games Tumble Bugs

Tumble Bugs

Kids will love to create these tumble bugs and watch them roll.
Sparkly Honeycomb Notebooks

Sparkly Honeycomb Notebooks

Kids can embellish their notebooks with colorful jewel-filled honeycombs.
Volley Bug Stick Puppets

Volley Bug Stick Puppets

Craft stick puppets are equally ready to take center stage for some fun and games.
Pixie Hollow Games Stickers

Fairy Stickers

Celebrate the Pixie Hollow Games with stickers featuring your favorite competitors.
Pixie Hollow Games Certificate of Achievement

Certificate of Achievement

Reward flitterific fairy competitors with leaf certificates for their awesome achievements.
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