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My son T.J started his own recycling business last year. He recycles ink and laser/toner cartridges. No one was doing this where we live and his recycling business got the attention of the county. They gave him an entrepreneur award.He is 11 years old.The local t.v station had him on the news. Since then 1 year later,everyone kept asking us if we took this or that and a couple months ago he started taking more things to be recycled.Like yogurt cups, energy bar wrappers, juice pouches and plastic bags, bread bags and soda and water lids, potato chip bags, candy bar wrappers. We now have started our online business of recycled products that are made from the things we take in. The plastic bags we make into rugs. The soda lids we make into bird houses. The potato chip bags and other bags we make into totes. We plan to extend our recycled products even further in the future

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