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Starting a Go Green Committee Green Living Tip

Starting a Go Green Committee

Green living tip by: Dave-goes-green St. Petersburg, FL Category: In the Community
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Here's My Great Green Idea!

In April 2007 I realized how much waste was being created by my small school. We only have about 1100 law students at Stetson University College of Law, but we go through more than a box of paper a day in just one of our many printing labs. Stetson also has three shops where coffee is sold in styrophome containers. Worst of all, there was not a large or unified recycling effort.
In August 2007, I was appointed first ever Student Bar Association (SBA) Go Green Committee Chair. I set my goal to work with faculty and administration to help organize reduction and recycling efforts campus wide. Throughout 2007 and 2008 I ran several very effective programs that has made Stetson a greener place.
First, I worked with our facilities department to create a large unified paper recycling program. The Louise Graham Regeneration Center provided us with many new free recycling bins which we placed all over the school, including most all classrooms. The next part of my paper recycling program was through education. I worked a table in our breezeway where I trained student how to download materials to work off their computer instead of printing materials and how to reduce printing using LexisNexis. LexisNexis donated food to all people that sat through a quick one minute training. To show how much paper was being wasted every week, my committee and I collected all of the paper people printed on but never picked up from the printers. We then displayed the 8 large clear bags of paper in front of our table with a big sign describing our display.
Second, I helped reduce styrofoam cup use by getting people to use reusable travel mugs. SBA provided, $400 which we used to purchase 150 travel mugs made from recycled and biodegrable material. We then sold these to students for $3 each. When the students or faculty bought a mug, they would get a free cup of coffee from the book store or cafÒ©. Further, students could get refills in their Go Green travel mug for only $1. The cafÒ© also agreed to give students discounts on specialty drinks throughout the year. We plan on using the proceeds from the mugs to purchase more recycling materials.
Third, to get people to ride their bicycles instead of driving to school, I had ABC Bicycles hold a table with me where we gave students free bicycle safety inspections. I also provided a station for students to fill their tires and oil their chain. The total cost of this project was $12 for a can of the best quality chain lubrication. ABC Bicycles donated their time.
The last project I conqured at Stetson was a glass recyclying program. Our school's facilities put out a big trash can that we identified as a recycling bin for glass. The committee and myself then posted advertisements on recycled paper that we are offering glass recycling on campus. We have been getting about one large container of glass per week. Once a week I put all of the glass in my car and drive it to a city's glass recycling drop off.

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