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Green Living Contest

The Great Green Challenge

The Great Green Challenge has ended, but there's still time to check out the entries below. Here are some easy ideas for you and your family to go Green!

A Green Living Tip for the Home

Recycle for a Bicycle

Green living tip by: starbucks_mom Yardley, PA

My daughters Taylor (age 12) and Maggie (age 6) really wanted new bicycles this past Christmas, but we just could not afford to buy them. Being the amazing kids that they are, they asked me if they could collect aluminum cans and plastic bottles and redeem them for money to help pay for the new bikes...

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A Green Living Tip for Work

Even Accountants Can Be Green!

Green living tip by: eggshelly Sacramento, CA

When I first started my job at a small accounting office, I was shocked to learn that they didn't have any kind of eco-friendliness there. They did not recycle anything and went through tons of plastic utensils and Styrofoam cups. I'm no "tree hugger" but there's just something...

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A Green Living Tip for the Community

It's Good to Be Green!

Green living tip by: KATIEE Clarksville, TN

This year at the local youth center my son, Reilly, became involved with their "community green" project in which the kids spent an entire Saturday morning planting trees at a local park. The kids were able to name their tree - which he christened "Mommy's Tree." Now whenever we go to the park...

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