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Thanksgiving Feast!
Ocala, FL
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It's time for Thanksgiving! This is a butter recipe cake with buttercream icing and fondant overlay. Legs and wings are Rice Krispie treats. Enjoy

  • The turkey body is made from butter recipe cake mix
  • The cake is covered in buttercream then in fondant
  • The turkey legs are make with Rice Krispie treats
  • Legs are covered in buttercream and then fondant
  • The turkey wings are made from sugar cones filled with Rice Krispie treats, covered in buttercream and then covered in fondant
  • Potato accents are made from fondant
  • Carrot accents are made of marzipan.
  1. Bake cake following directions on cake package. Bake cake in Wilton Egg pan, this will be two pans that will need to be put together to make 3D egg shape. After baking, let cake completely cool. Assemble cake by trimming each half of egg so that they are level. Attach two halves together with buttercream icing. Cover entire cake in buttercream icing and let sit. Once buttercream has crusted over,cover the entire cake in rolled fondant.

  2. Make turkey legs by making a batch of Rice Krispie Treats. Before Rice Krispies set, cover hands in butter and form legs. Let legs sit and become hard. Once hard, cover the Rice Kripie legs in buttercream and then in rolled fondant.

  3. Make Turkey wings by using sugar ice cream cones. I took a pair of kitchen shears and trimmed down the size of the sugar cone. Be careful because sugar cones are very delicate and can break easily. I filled each sugar cone with Rice Krispie treats so they would not be hollow. Cover each cone in buttercream icing and them in rolled fondant.

  4. I assembled my turkey by placing it in a aluminum foil roasting pan. I first place the body of the turkey and then attached the legs and wings using buttercream icing. I used watered down brown food coloring to brush the turkey so it appeared to be "Roasted".

  5. For the potato accents, I used balls of light brown fondant. I made indentions in each potato using a Wilton flower tool.

    For carrot accents, I dyed already made Marzipan I bought at the grocery store. I shaped each carrot and made indentions on the top using a toothpick. The leaves are also made out of marzipan that are dyed green.

  6. Place the potato and carrot accents around the turkey. To make the carrots stick to the turkey, just brush a small amount of water on the backside of each carrot and place it where you want on the turkey. The "Stuffing" is simply extra cake chunks. I covered my cake in aluminum foil. My guests had no idea what what underneath. Once I uncovered the cake, people were amazed that it was a cake and not the actual turkey.

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