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Shoes: A girls real best friend
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I made this cake for my mom's birthday, she is a shoe fanatic... I think it's genetic :)

  • Two boxes of your favorite cake mix -or- from scratch. (You will need enough to make 3, 8 inch by 6 inch rectangle cake pans)
  • 5-7 cups of frosting what ever flavor you like, but make sure it's thick.
  • Prepackaged White Fondant
  • Prepackaged Gum paste
  • Black powder food coloring (or color of choice)
  • Large Rhinestone
  • Edible markers
  • Gold Shimmer dust
  • Pure Lemon Extract
  1. The day before

    A) Make gumpaste shoe- It's a lot like play dough just mold your fav shoe. It does dry kind of fast so try to work quickly. If the shoe seems hard you can just buy a little girls toy high heel it would work just as well. If you do make the shoe you will need to make some sort of support while it dries or the heel will bend and the shoe will sag.

    B) Make gumpaste tissue paper, just roll out gumpaste then fold in a messy way

  2. Day of, Bake and cool all three cakes completely. While cakes are cooling, mix food coloring with lemon extract and paint shoe. You mix with lemon extract becaue unlike water it won't melt the fondant. Wear gloves or you will have colored fingers. Rhinestones should stick to paint if not use glue (you probably won't want to eat the shoe anyway)

  3. Stack two cakes on top of each other on your cake stand/plate using frosting to secure, and then frost the whole cake. Use a good amount of frosting it helps with the fondant. This will be the bottom of your shoe box.

  4. Roll out fondant about 4-5 inches bigger then the cake. Make sure you account for the height of the cake as well of the surface area. (You want the fondant to cover the cake and still have a little hang over for good measure)

  5. Cover Cake with fondant, use hands to make smooth. Cut off excess but make sure not to cut to close to the actual cake.

  6. Take the third cake (the top of your box) frost and do steps 4-5

  7. Cut out a small rectangle of fondant to make the shoe box logo. Attach to the box lid by brushing a VERY small amount of water on the back. If you use to much you will melt the fondant.

  8. Now brush your "tissue paper" LIGHTLY with water and sprinkle on shimmer dust. Remember if you use to much water it will melt the gumpaste.

  9. You can now put your tissue paper on the top of the box bottom and put the lid on top of the tissue paper. Take edible marker and design box as you wish. Place shoe on cake stand where you please and enjoy.

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