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JAWS the movie
newton, MA
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This is my husband's favorite movie. It was a surprise birthday cake, I did not make a full ship as it was just us and my three kids -- too much cake

  • 9 X 13 rectangular cake pan
  • square cake pan
  • kraft caramels
  • Wilton candy melts
  • chocolate
  • starbursts
  • buttercream icing tinted blue, brown, red and white
  1. Bake the two cakes. Ice the larger of the two blue with a spatula and ice so that it looks like ocean waves.

    Cut the square cake into two layers one half the size of the other and stack them in one corner for the boat. Insert chopsticks to secure them. ice them brown with the back of a basket weave tip so it looks like planks. Add the red and white stripes (the way the boat looked in the movie.
    Melt the caramels and mold a shark and three men

  2. Melt the chocolate and pipe out the wheel house, three fairly equal pieces. Lay them on wax paper to dry. When dry "glue" them together with melted chocolate and insert on the top of the boat.

    Melt the candy melts and color them grey for the shark, and dark blue for the pants on the men, lighter blue for Hooper's sweatshirt and brown for their shoes. The shark cage is candy melts tinted grey and piped into grids.

  3. Then glue the grids together with more candy melts and stick them next to the boat.

    The clothes are candy melts tinted and then painted on. Chief Brody's oxford shirt is a blue starburst melted, rolled out and formed like a shirt. His life preserver is a starburst. Quinn's hat is a starburst.

    The shark is covered in candy melts. I used the back of a knife to make his gills.

    The ORCA letters are chocolate.

  4. Place the men as you like, place the shark and serve.

    I don't like to use figurines that are not edible on my cakes so caramel, starburst, tootsie rolls and rice krispie treats are my molding foods of choice for cakes. I also don't like the way fondant tastes, and these candy bits are really yummy.

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