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Frogs by Pond
Rock, WY
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Frog on lilypad in pond and frog on shore with cattails

  • 2 boxes any flavor cake mix plus ingredients to make
  • 3 tubs vanilla icing
  • 1 cup chocolate icing
  • white, green, yellow fondant
  • uncooked spaghetti noodles
  • 1/2 cup royal icing
  • blue food color
  • white and purple wilton candy melts
  • dragonfly sucker mold
  1. Bake cakes in 9x13 baking pan according to directions on box, reserving enough batter to make 6 cupcakes.

  2. At least two days in advance, roll out green fondant to 1/8 inch and using a pizza cutter, cut blades of grass. Also roll marble sized balls of white fondant into lily petals. Using yellow fondant, roll out flower stamen. Make extra to allow for breakage. Let dry overnight on cookie sheet.

  3. I made my frogs from fondant, but you could use toy frogs. If using fondant make them at least a day in advance, using water to attach legs.

  4. To make cattails, place chocolate icing in decorating bag and using a large round tip insert spaghetti into bag through tip. While squeezing slightly, pull noodle out of bag slowly. Let cattails dry upright overnight.

  5. After cakes and cupcakes have cooled, place cakes together on board. Cut cupcakes horizontaly in various sizes and place on cake to make pond bank.

  6. Tint 1/4 cup icing green and 1/2 tub icing brown by adding a small amount of chocolate icing. Tint remainder of icing blue and ice cake to look like water. Using chocolate mixture, frost over cupcakes to look like land.

  7. Assemble water lily using royal icing starting with the bottom layer of petals. I ball up small pieces of foil and place under petals to hold in place until icing has set. After all petals are in place, stick flower stamen into a 1" ball of yellow fondant. Attach stamen to center of flower ucing royal icing. Let dry overnight on waxed paper.

  8. Make dragonflies by melting candy melts and painting into sucker mold. Let cool to room temperature before removing. To make lilypads, roll green fondant to 1/8 inch. Cut out lilypad shapes by hand and using a toothpick, detail with leaf veines. Wrinkle up tin foil and spread flat again. Place lilypad on wrinkled foil for several hours to get textured look.

  9. Place lilypads in water. Using a grass tip, pipe grass in various places. Attach fondant blades of grass around iced grass. Arrange frogs, cattails, and dragonflies.

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