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Circus big top
San Marcos, CA
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Easy to make cake for any circus themed party

  • half sheet cake (I use store bought)
  • paper
  • crayons or markers
  • bendy straws
  • candy circus peanuts
  • circus figurines
  • optional ideas: shoe string licorice and tootsie rolls to be the tent stakes and ropes, decoraters frosting to make the center ring
  1. Measure a half circle starting at the right back corner of the cake and ending at the left back corner. How much writing you want on the fron to the cake will determine how far out into the cake the circle will go.

  2. Cut paper to the half circle length. ( Do this twice so you will have an inside and an outside of the big top tent.) I used 8 1/2" x 11" and taped them together.

  3. For the outside measure vertical lines 1 to 2 inches wide. Color everyother stripe red. For the outside color the paper black half way down the sheet and the bottom half should be filled in with multi-colored dots to look like and audience from far away.

  4. Tape the bendy straws, starting at the outside corners of the paper, evenly across the striped paper. Leave no less than 1 inch sticking out the bottom of the paper

  5. Cut a large circle of paper, measurement will vary depending on the size of your half circle, and draw 1 inch (at the circumfrence of the circle) lines that meet at the center of the circle.

  6. Cut the paper on one of the lines up to the center, you will later fold the edges on top of eachother to make the dome shape of the tent. his is best done after the half circle is in place.

  7. Tape the short side of the bendy straw to the top of the striped half circle paper. be sure to not tape the bendy part as you will bend it to support the top of the tent.

  8. Tape the audience paper to the back of the striped paper to hide the straws. Insert the straws into the cake at the desired half circle shape

  9. Bend the top straws at an approximate 45 degree angle. tape the circle piece together to make the desired shape of the tent dome and tape the ends together. Place the dome on top ot the bent straws and tape them in place. You may have to trim the back side of the circle allow viewing into the tent.

  10. Place peanuts around the outside edge of the cake. Arrange other figures inside the tent.

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