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Bug/Garden theme cake
newton, MA
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For my son's third birthday he listed close to a dozen bugs he wanted all on one cake, here is the result. Everything is hand made, no plastic bugs.

  • Kraft caramels
  • buttercream icing tinted green, white, black, dark, beige, and green
  • One large rectangular cake pan
  • One small half of a ball pan
  • chocolate rice krispie treats
  • candy melts
  • frog, cricket and butterfly candy molds
  • jolly ranchers
  • tootsie rolls
  1. Ice the rectangular cake with beige icing (with chocolate cookies crushed up in it to look like dirt). Ice with a spatula so that it looks uneven. Ice the remaining green with tip 233 to look like grass.

    Shape the rice krispie treats into a log and into the legs, tail and head for the turtle.

    Melt the caramels and shape into a large caterpillar, let harden on a rolling pin so it looks like he is climbing.

  2. Melt and tint candy melts and make the frogs, crickets and butterflies. With tip number 2 pipe out lady bugs and the bodies of the butterflies and dragon flies. Melt the jolly ranchers and drip them onto tinfoil in the shape of bee wings and dragonfly wings. When they harden stick them on to the bees and dragonflies.

    Pipe out ants with tip number 1 and black icing. Put down the half circle and cover it in hexagons with the dark green.

  3. Insert the legs, tail and head underneath the turtle shell. Place the dragonflies on the turtle.

    Pipe out leaves with tip number 2 and melted candy melts. Put the lady bugs on the leaves.

    Place all of the bugs around the cake.

    Add the butterflies to the log.

    Melt the candy melts and dip the caterpillar in the desired colors.

    Add the caterpillar to the log.

  4. The web is made from candy melts piped out with tip number 2. The tarantula are melted and the molded tootsie rolls.

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