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Contest Photo by: 4simons21
Bristol, NH
Category: Cakes and Cupcakes

Tell us about the theme of your party and how you made it fabulous:

This was my daughters 2nd birthday and she is a huge fan of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Her theme was a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Carnival. We had a ton of games the kids could play and we made homemade fried dough and we had cotton candy for everyone as well. When it came time for the cake, we found a note from Big Pete stating that he took the cake and hid it some where we would never be able to find it, but Mickey sent over Toodles to help, along with some Mouska Tools! So we traveled all over the yard using tools from Toodles and eventually we found the cake and it ended up being a cake of Toodles!! The kids all got Mickey Mouse clubhouse themed toys and each child got their very own Mickey Mouse ears from Disney with their names embroidered on the back! It was so much fun!

List of Materials (craft) / Ingredients (cakes or cupcakes):

Cardboard and construction paper for the Toodles who helped us find the cake. Plywood and paint for the beanbag toss. "Funfetti" cake mix, frosting and fondant for the Toodles cake.

Instructions for making your party craft or birthday treat:

Use the cardboard, construction paper and makers to make a Toodles. Make sure to include cutout tools that are removable. Bean bag toss was made with a small peice of plywood with three holes cut out and then we painted it. The cake was a two day project. I made 2, 2 layered, 6" cakes for the ears and 1, 2 layered 10" cake for the head. Then came all the decorating. I used buttercream icing dyed red and fondant for the gears.
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