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Kit Kat desert cake

Contest Photo by: AliciaDenson
Ramsey, IN
Category: Funny or Creative

Brief Description:

I created this cake for a friend. She wanted something that was quick and simple yet could be a two way street. So I made this cake. Her friends could eat the M&ms as they go by and by the time you get down to the cake you can cut it into slices.


13-15 packages of King Size Kit Kats
Large Package of M&Ms
1 piece of Ribbon
Standard cake mix(follow Directions to bake)
Chocolate Icing


Bake an 8 inch round cake following the directions on the Duncan Hines cake box.(make 2 8 inch rounds) Once the cakes are cooled, Icing the first layer in the middle and stack the second cake on top. Icing the cake with chocolate Icing. Next Break the kitkats in pieces by the bar and place one by one around the cake. Will Create a Hot tub kind of effect. Once down place a ribbon around the kitkats and Tie a bow. Then fill the center with M&m's plain and simple and Very yummy and quick desert to make. :)
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