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Rapunzel's Tower

Contest Photo by: jsunderwood
Fort Myers, FL
Category: Animal & Character

Brief Description:

For my daughters 5th birthday, she wanted a Tangled themed party. So my husband and I were determined to create a unique Rapunzel's Tower cake. We also had Flynn Rider and Rapunzel at the party, which was my husband and best friend.


Vanilla cake base & top: Flour Sugar Eggs Oil Vanilla flavoring Water Brownie Tower: Flour Sugar Cocoa Oil Water Eggs Marshmallow Fondant: Marshmallows Powdered sugar Corn Syrup Water Vanilla Extract Butter cream frosting: Powde


For the base we made a three layer cake and placed it on top of a wood base. The cake was covered in green fondant and a wooden dowel was put through the cake and secured to the base. Then brownies cut into circles were stacked up the dowel rod to make the tower. That was covered in cobblestone textured gum paste. Then a small wood circle covered in gum paste was secured to the top of the tower and a small two layer cake was placed on top covered in tan fondant. Royal icing was used for all the leaves and vines. Two waffle cones were placed upside down on the top and covered with purple modeling chocolate shingles. All the cobblestones were hand painted using silver, gold and bronze luster dust to give more dimension. Modeling chocolate leaves and flowers were placed around the cake and a magical flower was made from gum paste. The cake was presented and served by Flynn Rider and Rapunzel. It was a 5 year old little girl's birthday dream come true!
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