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Princess Ariel Cake

Contest Photo by: sarahraby
Chico, CA
Category: Animal & Character

Brief Description:

A bright cake designed for a delightful mermaid party. My daughter was turning four and the cake couldn't have just any mermaid it had to be Ariel so we searched the internet for pictures and the fun began!


Two Duncan Hines Strawberry Cake mixes along with the needed ingredients (eggs, oil, water). Frosting - 1 c butter, 1 c Crisco, 2 lb. powdered sugar, 1/2 c milk, 1 T vanilla, smidge of salt, and 1/4 tsp almond extract. (Wilton frosting colorant)


Bake one 10 inch round and one 6 inch round. Level cakes and frost with crumb coat. Next frost 10 inch round with blue buttercream frosting and dab with white afterwards. Gently mix white in to look like the ocean. Place six inch round on top and do the same thing. Cut out a picture of Ariel printed to fit the top layer. Trace around it with a tooth pick and gently spoon frosting thickly onto the cake and spread with a toothpick. Cutting the picture of Ariel further to do in little sections worked well. I started with the tail and moved up to the body, face and hair. I used a black gel frosting for the eyes, and some outlining. The different consistency was helpful in not mixing with the buttercream and making the fine lines needed. I completed the cake by writing "Happy Birthday Eliana" at the bottom and putting a starfish for the candle to go into.
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