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XBox 360/Left 4 Dead

Contest Photo by: Naturenut38
Chicago, IL
Category: Sports & Hobbies

Brief Description:

This Xbox 360 cake was made for a 10 yr old who loves to play the Left 4 Dead game. I made a replica of the game console, 1 remote and a "realistic" representation of the cover of the Left 4 Dead game.


Yellow pound cake with yummy pudding inside, home made almond/vanilla butter cream icing, rice krispie treats, white and colored vanilla and marshmallow fondant, chocolate cookie crumbles.


I first baked an 11"x15" cake, froze it overnight to make it easier to cut. I traced the shape of a real Xbox 360 console onto a manila file folder to make a template and used it to cut out its shape from the cake. The remote was made form the leftover cake. The cake was torted and filled with butter cream and crumb coated, then iced with a thick layer of butter cream before covering and decorating in fondant. I copied the real console and remote as best I could, adding features for the back and top and bottom (sides of cake) formed from fondant. I made the rice krispie treats and formed the shape of the hand (minus the thumb!)and covered it in fondant, adding fingernails. The letters were cut out of fondant and placed along with the hand on top of crumbled chocolate cookies. The birthday boy loved it! :-)
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