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Sports Fun!

Contest Photo by: cakesbychrystal
North Las Vegas, NV
Category: Sports & Hobbies

Brief Description:

This is a fun birthday cake to celebrate all things SPORTY!


4 Boxes of your favorite cake mix
3 Cans of your favorite frosting
Fondant in various colors for accents
Food Color or Colored Icing: Yellow, red, blue, green, black, orange


Bake one 12X18 sheet cake and one round cake using Wilton Sports Ball Pan. Allow cakes to cool. Frost the sheet cake and each 1/2 of the ball pan. Mix orange food coloring into white frosting to make the basketball frosting. Place baseball and basketball on top of cake. Using a piping bag an small tip, add red stripes to baseball and black stripes to basketball. Using a grass tip, pipe green frosting around the balls. Cut out footballs using cookie cutter and cut out white circles for soccer balls out of fondant. Pipe white lines on the football and draw black accents on white circles with food safe marker for the soccer balls. Cut out helmets using cookie cutters. Cut out circles and squares using cooking cutters out of different fondant colors. Apply all accents to your cake using frosting as your "glue". Once all of or decorations are on the cake, use a shell tip to pipe a border around the cake.
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Contest Photo Tips and Guidelines:
  • Avoid clutter. Keep the background simple -- your cake is the star!
  • Daytime, natural light is best. If your area is bright enough, try taking the photo without the flash.
  • Upload a horizontal photo. If you crop the image on your computer, make sure you keep a landscape 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • For best results, make your image 1200x900 (or "save for web").
  • With a digital camera, you can take as many photos as possible and choose the best one. Have fun!