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Sockhop Saturday Night

Contest Photo by: McBullocks
Buffalo Grove, IL
Category: Sports & Hobbies

Brief Description:

I made this cake for my a 50's-themed dance at my daughters' "He and Me" spring school dance. The girls were all decked out in their poodle skirts, Daddy had his hair slicked back, and the cake had to help set the mood. This jukebox cake was easy to make, coordinated perfectly with the decorations and theme, and was a rockin' hit!


One 9" x 13" single-layer cake (any flavor, homemade or mix)
One 9" round single-layer cake (any flavor, homemade or mix)
Chocolate frosting
Buttercream frosting
Icing colors in red, yellow, green, black and orange
Silver food-grade edible color glaze


Bake one 9" x 13" cake in a pan lined with parchment (for easy removal), and bake one 9" round single layer cake. After cooling and removing from pans, cut the 9" cake in half, and place cut side against the short side of the rectangular cake (this makes the "domed" top).

Frost sides and top of domed rectangle with chocolate frosting. Divide the buttercream frosting in half. In one half, add silver color glaze. Divide remaining buttercream into five parts, and make the following five colors: red, yellow, green, black and orange.

Decorate the neon sides using a large round decorator tip. Create the ribbed metal effects using a basketweave decorator tip. Use a small round decorator tip for all remaining fine detailing.
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