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Roll Tide Roll!!

Contest Photo by: ShelbyCakes2003
Category: Sports & Hobbies

Brief Description:

A 3D football helmet for an ALABAMA fan wanting to celebrate the team winning the BCS National Championship.


Chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream, fondant colored in crimson, gray, and white, royal icing, food color markers, alphabet cutters, edible icing sheets in hounds tooth design A 12" round cake board decorated as below: Several days prior to decorating cake cover with layer of white fondant, then cover with crimson fondant & cut out letters ALABAMA & CRIMSON TIDE around the edge. Cut circle from the middle & replace with fondant that has been covered w/the hounds tooth edible icing sheets


Make face mask from fondant with powdered tylose added using a template laid on a cylinder shaped item that is approx. 7-8 in diamater. Bake cakes in half of the 6" ball pan and 2 6" round pans. Fill and layer cakes w/ chocoate buttercream icing. Carve bottom of bottom 6" cake in as well as carve some off what will be the front of the helmet where the face mask will go. Ice cake in buttercream rounding it out to give the proper shape of a helmet. Cover cake in crimson fondant leaving front to be covered in white. Put cake on cake board. Cut out white fondant 13 & stripe & make the BCS logo painting it with the food color pens. Also cut out 'BAMA' for front of helmet. Attach to cake. Add other writing with royal icing. Add face mask and secure with strips of fondant. Add black ribbon around edge of cake board to finish the look
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