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Men's Halfpipe Gold 2010 Olympics

Contest Photo by: csteinw
Category: Sports & Hobbies

Brief Description:

My son's scout pack was having a cake contest with a 2010 Winter Olympics theme. My red-headed 8-year-old, who is a big fan of Shaun White wanted to do a halfpipe cake and put a little Shaun on top. It may not look as professional as some of the competing cakes, but considering much of it was done by a second grader, I think it's pretty cool.


2 white cake mixes, prepared as directed
2 tubs Cool Whip as frosting
mini marshmallows
1 cup coconut
light blue icing
fruit roll up
string licorice
1 sour patch kid


Cake mixes were prepared as directed. One in a 9 X 13 pan and two in 8 inch loaf pans. Loafs were cut to slant for halfpipe. Frosted with Cool Whip and sprinkled with mini-marshmallows and coconut for snow effect. Light blue lines were added to look like those on an actual half-pipe. Shaun is made with a fruit roll up cut to resemble a snowboard. Frosting was used to "glue" a sour patch kid on top, then to add the paper image of Shaun's face. It's hard to see but some string licorice was also "glued" on back with frosting to look like red hair.
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