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Football Fun

Contest Photo by: harperle
Salem, SC
Category: Sports & Hobbies

Brief Description:

This was a fun project for a friend's wedding. The groom's cake is a southern tradition, and surprise for the groom from his bride. Since the groom played college football and is a huge sports fan, I decided to go with a football stadium in his honor.

The details are what make the cake so special... each pennant flag represents a school the groom attended, the staduim is named after him, and the scoreboard numbers are their wedding date.


A large layer cake is the base, covered with vanilla buttercream and black fondant with alternating layers of vanilla and devil's food cake to look like a referee's jersey when you cut slices for guests.

The stadium is formed and sculpted from rice cereal treats and covered with fondant. Details are royal icing and gum paste.


1. Layer 4 sheet cakes as the base.
2. Cover with better cream frosting.
3. Cover with Fondant.
4. Mix a large batch of rice cereal treats and mold into basic stadum shape.
5. Carve off any excess to shape up the staduim.
6. Cover with buttercream and layer on fondant.
7. Create personalized details with royal icing and gumpaste (and any other materials you want to make it special.)
8. Place the stadium creation on top of layer cake.
9. Staduim can be removed and used as centerpiece as the layer cake is served.
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