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Percy Jackson Birthday Cake

Contest Photo by: craftyzenmom
Merced, CA
Category: Creative & Unique

Brief Description:

My twin boys turned 10 and so we made a Percy Jackson cake to celebrate... the top is Mount Olympus where Zeus lives and the bottom is the Underworld where Hades lives. We took 6 of their friends to see the movie before coming back for a sleepover. During the movie Percy travels to the Underworld and then must go to Mount Olympus to confront the Gods. The water is for Posiedon, because he is Percy's father and Percy's powers come from the water.... it was really fun for all of us.


We used a french vanilla cake for Mount Olympus and "devils food" cake for the Underworld. Everything is covered in a homemade traditional buttercream frosting that we dyed with cake tints. The flames on Mount Olympus are Starburst candies and the sharks are gummy sharks. The characters are paper and are non-edible.


First we baked Mount Olympus in a castle cake pan. We then baked a sheet cake out of the devils food cake. We mixed up the frosting and divided it into separate bowls for each flavor or color. The devil's food cake was piled up to create the Underworld and chocolate frosting was placed between the layers for extra support and flavor. We created "rocks" out of the left over pieces so the cliffs were more realistic. Then we decided to frost Mount Olympus orange because in the book it is glowing like it is on fire according to my boys, so they mixed up the color. We frosted Mount Olympus after we placed it on top of the Underworld and then added the extra"s.... flames for torches, the pictures of the character's, the frosted ocean for Percy's dad and his own powers and some sharks for the boys to nibble on. It was a fun project for all three of us!
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