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Dr. Seuss for Baby's 1st Birthday

Contest Photo by: barat99
Crystal Lake, IL
Category: Creative & Unique

Brief Description:

Dr. Seuss Cake for Baby's First Bithday. With no professional training, we made this cake. The Green Eggs and Ham are cake, which became the "smash" Cake.


Boxed Cake mix, Butter Cream Frosting,coloring and pudding for the filling..


Made the Characters by photo copying them and taping them to cookie sheets. Cover the photos with Wax paper. Made Royal Icing, traced and filled them in the right colors, made the characters about 3 days before to ensure dry for cake. Cakes are made from boxed mix, allowing at least 24 hours for them to cool completely. Once cooled we filled with Oreo cookie pudding in one and lemon pudding and fresh strawberries in the other. Dirty ice with a small layer of buttercream let sit in refrigerator for at least an hour and then cover in Buttercream frosting, colored to your preference. While frosting is wet adhere characters to the cake. The Green Eggs and Ham is all cake just cut to the shape of eggs and ham and then frosted to look like Eggs and Ham. It sits on a cake board so after singing Happy Birthday the Green Eggs and Ham became the Baby's "smash" cake.
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