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Computer Groom's Cake

Contest Photo by: Chantalr99
Category: Creative & Unique

Brief Description:

A desktop computer for a computer lover's groom's cake! Easier than it looks - this cake is made from 7 cake mixes, topped with royal icing and fondant for the accents.


Simply use your favorite cake mix and flavors. Requires 7 box mixes. Frosting: 4 lbs. powdered sugar; 4 cups solid vegetable shortening;4 teaspoons clear vanilla extract;
6 tablespoons milk

Servings: 84


Follow instructions for making cakes; I recommend using parchment lining for the pans to ease release, bake cakes in 9x13 pans. Allow to cool before removing from pans. To ease assembly, freeze cakes individually in aluminum foil and assemble while fully frozen. Tower is created by layering 5 cakes, with minimal frosting in between - enough to stick them together. One cake is used for the monitor, and one for the keyboard, which you need to shave at a slight angle, and slice off about 2" or less from the end. Use shavings to assemble the mouse by cutting into shorter strips and sticking together with frosting, then carve the curve from the square you created with the strips. Buttons are done by piping the blue frosting with a star tip. Keys were added by taking apart an old cleaned actual keyboard. The cd was also cleaned and simply inserted into the completed tower. Cables are constructed from fondant dyed black and rolled out into long strips.
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