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Prima Ballerina

Contest Photo by: CakeKT
Puyallup, WA
Category: Animal & Character

Brief Description:

A lovely birthday cake that will make any little girl's birthday a special one. Two tier cake decorated with gum paste elephants and fondant balls and polka dots.


White cake with strawberry ganache filling, strawberry buttercream frosting, vanilla fondant, and gum paste.


1. Bake three white cakes (one 10" and two 6") according to your recipe. Let cool 10 minutes. Transfer from pans to cake circles on racks and allow to cool completely. 2. Torte each cake. 3. Spread strawberry ganache between the two layers of the larger cake. Frost the outside of the larger cake with a thin coating of buttercream. 4. Cover the 10" cake with pale yellow fondant. 5. Frost the top of one of the 6" layers with buttercream. Stack another 6" layer on top. Spread with ganache. Stack another 6" layer. Frost with buttercream. Stack the last 6" layer. Frost the 6" cake with a thin layer of buttercream. 6. Center the 6" cake on top of the 10" cake and stack. 7. Cover the 6" cake with pale yellow fondant. 8. Cut out different sizes of polka dots, moisten the backs, and stick to randomly to the cake. 9. Roll small fondant balls and place them in a line along the seam between the cakes. 10. Make elephant figurines out of gumpaste. Place the figurines on t
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