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Pet Hamster

Contest Photo by: Cprensch
Snohomish, WA
Category: Animal & Character

Brief Description:

My daughter wanted a hamster cake for her birthday. We wanted it to be somewhat realistic and fashioned the little guy and his cage after our beloved pet hamster. I admit, I spent a lot of brain power figuring out how to make an edible wheel and real looking litter. It was worth it as the cake was a huge hit with the party guests.


yellow cake mix
buttercream frosting
marshmallow fondant (melted marshmallows & powdered sugar)
twizzler sticks
crushed cake ice-cream cones


First I fashioned the wheel by threading thin wire through the twizzler sticks. The rungs were stuck to the wheel frame with toothpicks. Next, I made the hamster & cage accessories. The hamster was a twinkie wrapped and decorated with fondant. The cubby house consisted of 6 stacked twinkies covered in fondant. I formed his food dish and the carrots out of fondant. I baked the cake and simply left it in the pan to appear as the cage. I frosted it and spread the litter (crushed ice cream cones)over the cake. Easiest frosting job ever! Last, I rolled small bits of black fondant to create the "poo corner". Realism at its best!
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