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HUGE Spongebob

Contest Photo by: suzannemerrill713
Category: Animal & Character

Brief Description:

This 19" Spongebob cake was supposed to be small, but ended up requiring 9 boxes of cake mix to be proportionately accurate! Boy, did I learn my lesson! :o)


9 boxes of Cake Mix
2 boxes of white fondant
dowels for arms and legs
lots and lots of buttercream frosting
dowels & wooden platforms to hold the cake together
I had to custom-make a wooden support for the 1 hour car ride so that he wouldn't tip over!


Bake the cakes in the biggest rectangle pan you can buy; cut into thirds
Make almost a gallon of frosting
Start stacking your cakes using dowels and flat wooden supports (which I forgot to use on mine!) Cover with icing.
Carve his "holes" out in the frosting. (I have pre-fondant photos if you need them!)
Dye and roll out 1 box of fondant to make him yellow.
Solicit the help of a trusted and patient friend to lay the yellow fondant on (from the bottom up!) Press into "holes" as you go... Be patient!
Make facial features out of fondant ahead of time and let dry for about 2 days
Put all facial features on except for nose.
When you have arrived at the party, add nose, arms, legs, etc...
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