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Spongebob and Patrick (homemade)

Contest Photo by: HunterandEmilysmommy


My 6 year old son loves Spongebob, and when he asked to be him for Halloween this year, I set out to find the perfect costume. The cost of the costumes were way out of our budget so I challenged myself to come up with a homemade idea. To make it even more interesting, I decided to make my 2-year old Patrick. After all, you can't have Spongebob without his buddy!

The results made even me amazed. From a distance, the costumes look amazing. I've even gotten asked where we bought them. During trick or treating, we added a fish net for Patrick and a spatula for Spongebob.

The most important part of these costumes? Being able to create something that my children love!!!!


one twin egg crate mattress pad
craft foam (black, red, brown, white, blue)
yellow spray paint
permanent spray adhesive
tube socks
fabric paint (red and blue)
two small pieces of cardboard
Hot glue


  • For Spongebob: Cut hole in middle of egg crate mattress for head.

    Using spray adhesive, glue mattress pad ends to strips of cardboard on the side. This gives it substance and keeps the sides together.

    Cut round holes on each side for arms.

    Spray paint the mattress pad yellow.

    Cut brown craft foam to fit around the bottom.

    Glue a strip of white craft foam to the top of the brown for the shirt. Add black foam details for the shirt collar and a red craft foam tie.

    Glue the pants section to the mattress pad with spray adhesive.

    Cut eyes (using small plates as a template) from white craft foam.
    Cut smaller circles for the blue parts of the eye, and even smaller circles for the black parts. Glue them together.

    Glue the entire eye to the foam with spray adhesive.

    Make a mouth of out brown, white, red and black craft foam. (add teeth, tongue)

    Glue to mattress pad.

    Take a small scrap of mattress pad and spray paint it yellow and glue to the face.

    Let dry.

    Take tube socks and using fabric paint, paint a blue stripe and red stripe.
    (This is not shown in the picture)

    For Patrick:

    Cut out eyes using white and black craft foam.

    Cut out a thin mouth using black craft foam.

    Cut out eyebrows using black craft foam.

    Hot glue to the hood of a bright pink sweatsuit

    Pull swim trucks or brightly colored shorts on top of the sweat pants.

    You're done!

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