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Nerds candy

Contest Photo by: kaymtr
monroe city, MO


I'm a really huge fan of homemade costumes, with the creative freedom to make whatever I want. My son now almost 4 got to brainstrom with me and we came up to the idea to make him a box of Nerds his favorite candy. This is a foam box with a painting on all sides. I put extreme details into the painting, from the exact ingredent label, to the nutrition facts on another side right down to the upc code. To top it off there is giant nerds on top of his head. Needless to say we had a blast walking around with people laughing and asking me where I bought it. This has to be the funnest of all costumes I have made (so far).


1 inch foam, needle, thread, paint, box of nerds, hot glue gun, and spray foam insulation


  • Measure your child to see how long you need the foam to be.

  • Next cut out the foam box, 2 large pieces 1 for the front and 1 for the back, 2 narrow pieces for the sides, and two small pieces for the top.

  • Now handsew the pieces together to form a box shape. handsewing is best because you need the edges to be sharp like a box not rounded.

  • Measure the broadcloth the same size as the foam pieces and make sure to leave a 1 inch seam allowence for sewing.

  • Look at the box of nerds you bought from the store, and paint the picture as it is on all sides and top of box.(this might take awhile it took me 33 hours).

  • Then sew the cloth pieces together and slip over the foam box.

  • Last spray the foam insulation into nerd shapes, sand them smooth when dry and them paint them and lastly hot glue on to a stocking cap.

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