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Mr. Peanut AKA Alexander the Great

Contest Photo by: Momyoffour
San Lorenzo, CA


Yes! It's the new and improved MR. PEANUT AKA Alexander the Great! I didn't have any idea of what I wanted to be for Halloween, so I called my Auntie Marg and told her I wanted to be Mr. Peanut and Auntie said, "That's a GREAT one, just like you! No problem, consider it done!" So, here I am Mr. Peanut looking GOOD and feeling FRESH! So please remember to vote for MR. PEANUT. I appreSHELL it!

AKA Alexander the Great


2 cardboard sheets (size depends on person)
Look-a-like peanut shell fabric (size depends on person)
Black velvet (or black felt) (1/2 yd.)
Black tights
Black long-sleeve shirt
Black face paint
Black cane
Black shoes
White ankle socks cut to fit
White gloves
Heavy duty elastic (approx. 24 in. x 4 in.)
Self-adhesive letters, all capital, color white
4 hard plastic sticks (size depends on person)
Glue gun and glue sticks
Heavy duty scissors


  • Lay person on cardboard sheet and draw with pencil the shape of Mr. Peanut including hat. Mark top of head to shoulder for the face cutout. Cut the outline without cutting the circle for the face. Trace outline onto the other cardboard and cut. Once done, cut out the circle for the face.

  • Measure and cut the peanut shell fabric from the bottom of the hat to the bottom of the peanut. Do this for front and back. Glue the fabrics to the cardboards.

  • Measure and cut the black velvet (or felt) fabric from the bottom of the hat to the top of the hat. Do this for front and back. Glue the fabrics to the cardboards.

  • Turn both cardboards backside up and glue plastic sticks down both sides of shell to reinforce the cardboard, approximately 3 inches in from both sides. Measure and mark where the elastic should rest on shoulder, for comfort and support. Glue elastic in place.

  • Cut socks at an angle from middle of foot to heel. Then pull over black shoes.

  • Spell out MR. PEANUT and place on hat. When satisfied, glue in place. Last but not least, don't forget to paint the black circle around the eye!

  • Tips for Taking a Great Photo:
    • Avoid clutter. Keep the background simple -- your costume is the star!
    • Daytime, natural light is best. If your area is bright enough, try taking the photo without the flash.
    • Upload a horizontal photo. If you crop the image on your computer, make sure you keep a landscape 4:3 aspect ratio.
    • For best results, make your image 1200x900 (or "save for web").
    • With a digital camera, you can take as many photos as possible and choose the best one. Have fun!